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I’ve worked with have booked or requested at least one or more additional projects.

Professionalism, competence, and ability.

 I never expected to have this much success, including in reaching the top 10 of new releases in Regency Romance on Audible! This audiobook has outperformed all of my expectations!

The fact that you have such a large and loyal following already established, in addition to being so talented made all the difference this time around! You clearly did your research on the possibilities of our collaboration. I appreciated the graphs and analytics you conducted about our earning potential. Your flexibility and professionalism is the reason I’ve already requested  that you do another one of my novels!”

– Tiffany Thomas, Author

“Good narration calls for more than a good voice, though of course Harry Frost has a good voice. Our project called for many different character voices, male and female, from different social classes, and we needed somebody literate enough to intelligently handle archaic Regency-era language. Harry Frost really came through for us.”

-Lona Manning, Author 

“Harry is a superb voice actor and at our publishing house we consider him a blue-chip narrator.

His vocal style is adaptive and engaging, and the timbre of his voice allows the listener to truly be absorbed by the story. Further, beyond his vocal talent, as a person Harry exhibits a professionalism that makes him a joy to have on a project. His standards are exacting and errors/corrections are rare or non-existent.

Within the genre of historical romance audiobooks, Harry has made a name for himself and we have had more than one reviewer state that they purchased the book for his voice alone, and overall the reviews of our projects with Harry are outstanding (4.7 of 5 star average).

I cannot recommend him strongly enough!”

-Amy D’Orazio, Quills & Quartos Publishing

“Amidst an extraordinary field of talented voice actors, Harry F is Incomparable! His rich voice and excellent pacing made for the perfect Mr Darcy! However, in a huge multi-era project like “The Darcy Monologues”, Frost really shines, showing his range and imagination, by immersing himself in a cast of many (from Regency England to modern day United States) in this fifteen-story anthology. He is an enthusiastic narrator, bringing a nuanced, honest performance to each character. As an audio producer, Harry is professional, dependable, and technically precise about his craft—and we were thrilled to work with him again for the audiobook “YULETIDE: A Jane Austen Inspired Collection of Stories!”

-Christina Boyd, Author & Editor

“Harry Frost did a marvelous job narrating. He has a wide range, excellent characterization, and spot-on pacing. Very skilled and professional.”

-Karen M Cox, Author

“After a couple of initial missteps with producing audiobooks that lost money, I made the wise choice to work with Harry Frost. His recognized talent and the audience he brings with him propelled our first audiobook together to the #2 new release in Regency Romance. Our second audiobook has just launched, and it has spent several days as both the #1 new release in Regency Romance AND the #1 new release in Christian Romance – wow! In addition, several audiobook reviewers have mentioned that I am a “new to them” author, so my audience is growing too. I couldn’t be happier with the success we have had, and I can’t wait to work with Harry again!”

-Laraba Kendig, Author

“There is only one question that you need to ask when seeking a reference. That is if the person being asked for a reference would hire the individual again? In the case of Harry, I would definitely say “yes”, in fact, I hope to hire him again. Harry recorded a full novel for me. During this process, Harry was friendly, informative and professional, and went to great lengths, and got numerous samples, when he was unsure of an accent or pronunciation. I had written a novel based in Ireland, so this was a big ask. I would highly recommend Harry.”

– Tom ‘Dots’ Doherty, Author

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